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Automated vehicles

Automated vehicles

Want to know the latest news on automated vehicles? Sven Beiker shares the most recent report on next-generation sensors for automated road vehicles I am proud to announce that I published another SAE International report in the field of automated vehicles. This one is titled Next-generation Sensors for Automated Road Vehicles It is essentially the […]

Paul Sims shares an article that explores the battle lines being drawn in the digital auto marketplace space and why US companies should care. The digital auto marketplace space outside the US is hot and battle lines are being drawn – today a discussion of Europe. If you’re not based in Europe, why should you […]


Sven Beiker shares an article that explains how the biggest challenge facing automated driving is real-world traffic. Nice interview here with SAE International for their monthly magazine “Update“. My piece is titled “Realities of traffic make automated driving a challenge”. It is a conversation around what is missing to bring autonomous vehicles (automated driving to […]