Anders Corr shares an article he wrote for the Epoch Times on a closer AUKUS alliance.

Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States (AUKUS) just took a huge step in the right direction toward deterring China’s aggression.

On Sept. 16, President Biden announced that the United States and Britain would assist Australia in acquiring nuclear-powered attack submarines. The submarines will be equipped with nuclear-capable cruise missiles, though not with the nuclear weapons themselves. Australia will purchase similar cruise missiles for its air force.

Biden also announced a new closer AUKUS alliance between the three countries, which tend to be tougher on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) than the other two members of the Five-Eyes alliance, Canada and New Zealand. AUKUS could thus be an important new core from which a broader anti-CCP alliance system could grow.

While currently only conventional explosives are planned for Australia’s new cruise missiles, they prepare the country down under with the delivery systems necessary to achieve an independent nuclear deterrent at some point in the future. Other major democracies in Asia, including Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, should take the same steps in order to achieve what should be considered the nuclear containment of China through a ring of nuclear democracies. The CCP’s power and aggressiveness is growing so quickly, that anything less risks, over the next several decades, an end to democracy in Asia, if not the world.


Key points include:

  • South Korea’s military
  • Reaction from Paris
  • Australia’s biggest defense policy initiative

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