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Umbrex is pleased to welcome Phil Bellaria with CDAO Partners. Phil is an innovative, transformative senior executive with a proven Fortune 30 track record driving growth in cash flow, customers, and human capital. He held leadership positions at Comcast-NBCUniversal from 2010 through 2023. As SVP of Enterprise Data & Analytics, he partnered with business leaders […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Navin Sharma with Datacraft Advisors. Navin is a seasoned consultant and accomplished executive specializing in using digital technology and AI to generate top- and bottom-line value. With a vast repertoire of skills honed as Chief Commercial Services Officer at Inspire Brands and as a management consultant at BCG, Navin’s expertise lies […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Kiran Annavarapu.  Kiran is a former McKinsey and Accenture consultant with deep experience in operations, strategy, analytics and decision support for commercial healthcare companies. He brings expertise within the healthcare and financial services spaces, having supported complex operations for companies like Healthcare Partners (Optum, DaVita), Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Mike Sterling with Quantegy Analytics.  Mike spent 10 years at Booz & Company / Strategy& and as an independent consultant, leading clients engagements in data, analytics, IT, operations, and strategy across industries. He led professional services at SparkBeyond, an advanced analytics technology company that is backed by has a long-standing […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Brent Packer with Brent is a former Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company. During his 5+ years at the Firm, he worked with Fortune 500, public sector, and nonprofit clients while specializing in digital/analytics/product and sustainability (recognized as 1 of 16 manager-level experts globally). He has also worked with multiple […]

  Barry Horwitz shares a post that explores how the pandemic has spurred accelerated decision-making and action-taking strategies in ecommerce.  Maybe you’ve had a similar experience… You call your doctor’s office for an appointment because the nagging pain in your foot, back, or some other body part, isn’t getting any better. They say, “Of course, […]


  In this short video from Andrew Hone’s company identifies why only one in 25 cost-cutting programs work.     The video can also be accessed on 

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Tarik Djeddour with Stellaris Consulting. Tarik is a Healthcare focused former McKinsey manager who started his own consulting firm in 2016. He mainly focuses on go-to-market strategy, commercial due diligence, and insight & analytics projects, supporting pharma and med device teams mostly in Europe and the US. An engineering & […]


  For all who are working with Microsoft Office 365, Hugo Bernier has provided a series of posts to help navigate the software. In this post, he explains how to work with rules in Microsoft Lists. Over the last few years, Microsoft has done an amazing job at modernizing SharePoint. It used to be that […]

  Access this resource from Gaelle Lamotte’s company on how to improve your ability to execute strategies by integrating development and planning, driving focus and alignment. How often do you win with your strategy? Strategy development is useful for defining ambitions and long term goals. A good strategy is only as good as the capability […]