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Mike Dowhan shares how AI is changing the sales landscape and how salespeople can use it to their benefit.  The sales department plays a crucial role in any organization’s success. As technology advances, it is vital to understand the trends in sales, including AI. Its widespread adoption has transformed almost every sector, and its application […]

In this concise post, Chakshu Diwan shares a forecast on trends in 2024. Are you ready for the future? 🚀 Keep an eye on these exciting trends that are set to shape in 2024: 👉 BNPL Boom: Offering flexibility and convenience to consumers 👉 AI Strategy: A must-have for companies for efficiency and innovation 👉 […]

Ed Wiley asks the pertinent questions to help you determine whether your business is ready to adopt generative AI. There’s this cool, new technology on the block: Artificial Intelligence. Perhaps you’ve heard of it, a little too much?While “thinking” machines have been around for decades, AI as we know it (or think we know it) […]

Hady Khayrat shares a post about AI’s impact on executive search. The following is a dialogue I recently had with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. My portion of the dialogue was edited for length, maintaining content and intent (by ChatGPT, of course) while AI’s portion is presented verbatim.  Hady’s Opening Statement: I recently explored an online platform designed […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Vamsi Tetali with Synente.  Vamsi spent 3 years at McKinsey as a generalist before leaving the firm as an Engagement Manager to join G. H. Smart and Company (known informally as ghSMART). ghSMART is a leadership advisory firm that is best known for being the leader in conducting Executive Assessments. […]

Anubhav Raina shares a post that explores the problem with tech leaders driving the wholesale adoption of tech.  Saw this pop-up in my feed and something about the tone and the people giving the message (tech leaders) just angered me. Some fears are justified & their conversation should be encouraged. In today’s age it should […]

Gerardo Alvarez-Franyutti tests ChatGPT’s assessment of one’s character. I wanted to test how much insight ChatGPT could generate about someone. So -to conduct an experiment- I decided to serve as the test subject: I provided it with all the articles I’ve authored over the last 4 years (and posted on Linkedin), as input data.  Once […]

If the range of GPTs seems a little daunting, this article from Phil Bellaria may encourage you to jump in and have fun.  Just kidding, GenAI hasn’t figured out laundry yet, but OpenAI has released a series of task-specific apps that they call GPTs.  Finally, someone is less creative with branding than me!   These apps, […]

David Edelman shares a post on how AI can reach more people than ever before. #GenAI can transform the process of collecting feedback from consumers, reaching more people across more demographics than ever before, and learning more about what they really think. Here’s how: hashtag#CX Read the post on LinkedIn.

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Phil Bellaria with CDAO Partners. Phil is an innovative, transformative senior executive with a proven Fortune 30 track record driving growth in cash flow, customers, and human capital. He held leadership positions at Comcast-NBCUniversal from 2010 through 2023. As SVP of Enterprise Data & Analytics, he partnered with business leaders […]