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Agile Organizations

Agile Organizations

Jesse Jacoby shares an article on how transformation programs, agility, and culture play a major in the success of a business.  Many companies are undertaking business transformation initiatives this year – to rein in costs, streamline processes, re-structure teams, drive new revenue, produce higher quality output, etc. These initiatives are inherently complex and require savvy […]

Gaelle Lamotte shares an article based on an interview with Business Reporter where she talked about strategy execution, competitive advantage, and staying agile.  In a world of disruptive businesses, overwhelming information and relentless change, companies have to master the art of strategy execution to be agile enough to capitalise on growth opportunities. Excellence in execution […]

David Gross shares a concise article that explains the role of a chief restructuring officer and the benefits of hiring one.  As businesses navigate through their most challenging times, the need for efficient and effective crisis management and restructuring has become increasingly vital. The Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) plays a critical role in leading a […]


  In this article, Emre Kara explains the benefits of going agile and how to do it without undergoing massive transformation.  This article is for those of you who have heard of agile but are not sure what to do with it and how to use it in your context. If you are one of […]

  Paul Millerd takes a look at business growth data from the 1970’s onward to build a vision of future organizations and explain how the changing business landscape will impact the work environment.  I have studied organizations, people and motivation and am fascinated by the changes that have unfolded in my relatively short career. I’ll […]

  Ian Tidswell provides an infographic that provides the details of the key 6 steps to creating and capturing value in MedTech, from offer design through market access and reimbursement approval to new product transitions. Success in the Medical Technology industry requires constant innovation. However, capturing a fair share of the value (pricing) from that […]


  Sean McCoy idenfities three common denominators behind unsuccessful commercialization efforts. After your Go-to-Market (GtM) strategy is designed and the planning is complete, it is time to move into execution. Implementation is when a strategy finally impacts the bottom line, which is why it is so vital to get the implementation right. Because Go-to-Market strategies […]


Robbie Kellman Baxter reviews the progression of the subscription business model, from the early days of SaaS to a future of manufacturing based on the subscription model. My first job after business school was as a product manager at an enterprise software company. I picked it because it was one of the first companies experimenting […]