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agile methods

agile methods

Want to adopt a little more agility in your practice? Patrice Gorin shares a beginner’s guide to agile consulting. In my experience, both as a consultant and a client, I’ve seen teams and organizations waste huge amounts of energy and resources pursuing inefficient approaches to solving problems. As a result, I’ve often felt as if […]

Alex Miller shares an evergreen post on key elements that should be the priority of CEOs. Four out of 10 CEOS surveyed in our 2016 CEO Outlook report anticipate that their companies will undergo significant transformation over the next three years. To support their approach to transformation, the CEOs indicated that they are building their […]

In this interview, Nils Boeffel provides insights into the application of agile methods to cope with a high degree of complexity in companies and the market environment and to develop a sustainable transformation process. Tell us a few key facts about yourself and your professional focus? I’m Nils Boeffel, and I’ve been helping companies successfully […]

Nils Boeffel shares an article that explains why it’s important to recognize where, why, when and how the agile method chosen makes sense.  Agile methods are not simply a project management that work differently from the classic waterfall method, but they are something more. Agile looks to establish a culture of continuous change, of questioning […]