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Cheenu Seshadri shares five key takeaways from the recent Mobile World Congress in Las Vegas, which includes insights on 5G, private networks, the metaverse, cybersecurity, and more. Here’s our team’s take on the recently concluded #MWC22 in Las Vegas. While this was our first in-person industry event since #CES20 and we were excited to be […]


  Posted on Jim Price’s company blog is a downloadable white-paper that explores the role of automation in healthcare. As discussed in Issue One, the future of medicine will be fundamentally reshaped by a fusion of three forces: Genetics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation. The future of interventional and surgical capabilities has not been widely […]

From David Burnie’s company blog, an overview on how 5G will change everything, and a brief review on mobile technology to date. 5G is forecast to enable USD 12 trillion in new economic activity by 2035[1] and impact industries ranging from agriculture and forestry to finance and insurance. 5G has the potential to disrupt the […]