Akshi Federici

Congratulations Akshi – COO at Project Morry

Akshi Federici shares good news in this post as she kicks off the new year with a new position. Big News! I am thrilled to share that I am starting as hashtag#COO at Project Morry.  For 25 Years, Project Morry has been transforming lives, communities across the hashtag#newyork tri-state area by engaging with nearly 400 […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Akshi Federici with Vision Realize. A summary of Akshi’s experience follows. “Chief Operating Officer (COO), Founding Venture Partner, Executive Director with ~20 years of hands on operating, strategic, and entrepreneurial experience at leading organizations. Throughout my career, teams have turned to me to setup operations, streamline and scale execution (from […]

Akshi Federici shares a LinkedIn post on her 7+ years (50+ dog years) into the Blockchain/Web3 industry. 7+ years (50+ dog years) into the Blockchain/Web3 industry where I started by stepping into the Bogart office of Consensys as Executive Director working on several projects and launching ConsenSys Academy, on to developing Product at Status, to […]