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Diana Dosik shares an article that explains why transformation is now an ongoing concern; she also provides a link to a report that identifies the main reasons the current approach to transformation falls short, and how to achieve better results. For leaders in large corporations, business today often feels like being on a steep treadmill with the speed control set to max. Three months ago, the company may have finished a cost-reduction transformation to remove management layers and streamline operations….
Diana Dosik shares a Ted Talk where she explains why we need to treat our employees as thoughtfully as our customers. Today’s companies know everything there is to know about their customers and will stop at nothing to ensure that their experience is pleasant and meaningful. But what if they directed some of that same energy at understanding and engaging their employees? What are the potential payoffs for a better motivated, more loyal and imaginatively innovating workforce? Using her experiences…
Umbrex is pleased to welcome Diana Dosik. Diana spent 16 years at BCG. She was a Partner and core member of the People and Organization Practice, with a focus on organizational behavior, organizational design, and people/culture transformation. She is also a trained executive coach (through Newfield Network, an ICF accredited training program). She is interested in coaching senior executives and projects related to leadership, culture or organizational change….