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Amit Bhambi shares a timeless post and three key takeaways for a successful and strategic change management process.

Strategic Change Management is understanding where we are making change then executing. When picking a new restaurant to try out with friends, you have to take some things into consideration to choose the right place. You may want to understand who is coming, where are the coming from, what time we are meeting and what kind of food everyone wants to eat. In managing strategic change we have different considerations to focus on, but if we don’t think things through, we may be left dining alone.

The Pillars of change

There are three core pillars to drive a successful change management process. Often organization will engage in one pillar without a focus on the other two and find themselves in a situation where rework is needed or adoption is a problem.

In a recent example one of our clients engaged in implementing a technology solution prior to understanding their current/ future state process or the impact to the people in the organization. After millions of dollars in investment, teams had to figure out a process that would work around a technology solution that did not meet their needs. This resulted in a sub-optimal process, over investment in technology and large amounts of wasted time from employees.

To engage in sustainable change organizations must focus on three key factors; process, technology and people. This will ensure the way that we do things aligns with the tools we use and the people who will use them.


Key points include:

  • Three pillars of change management
  • Strategic vision
  • Team alignment

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