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Set sail with Chris Rooney as he explains what a bosun is and why your business needs one. 

The Bosun is the deck boss of a ship, also known as the “Chief of the Boat.”  The most experienced and trustworthy operator, they have charted the world and mastered every role.  They are the human conduit through which the vision of the Captain becomes realized action and the patient teacher by which an inexperienced crew can become an exceptional, effective team.  And often, they are the wizened thought partner who helps enable the Captain to mature from being visionary to becoming a visionary leader.

CEO’s and business owners have similar challenges to Ship Captains: they have a bigger vision of what is over the horizon, and what world-changing bounty is to be gained from the journey there and back.  But without a very experienced Bosun — a partner who has seen it all, can build and elevate teams, can weather unexpected storms and lack of resources, and inspire others during hardships they have endured before — a successful journey can be exponentially harder.  Most importantly, Bosuns have the experience and foresight to see problems before they arise, recognize opportunities and execute them more quickly, and re-imagine solutions with the confidence of someone who has done it before.

In today’s specialist-oriented business world, true Bosuns are hard to find.  Most executives (including CEO’s) are deeply functional in their experience, domain, and resulting world-view.


Key points include:

  • The problem with the CEO silo
  • The limitations of investors and board members
  • Skills needed to navigate unpredictable business environments


Read the full article, What is “Bosun”​? And why do you need one?, on LinkedIn.


Umbrex is pleased to welcome Chris Rooney with BosunPartners.  Chris has spent the last five years building Wipro’s Digital business and the global leader of the Digital Transformation practice, serving a series of clients on strategic business initiatives from design ideation to business operations. Before Wipro, he was COO of a series of privately held financial services companies and a discrete manufacturer as part of the lead investor’s portfolio operations.

Chris is an alum of McKinsey, where he was an associate principal of the Stanford office.  He lives in Jamestown with his wife, and his two children have just started their careers. He still enjoys playing lacrosse & find a local boxing gym. Chris is happy to collaborate on projects involving digital design or business operations divestiture and go-to-market/commercialization.