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Karen Barth shares an article on the problem of cognitive bias and what to do when you don’t trust your brain.  Many business strategists rely heavily on intuitive thinking. But what if you can’t trust your intuition as much as you think you can? Human brains are amazing. We can send people to the moon and back, cure disease and make almost anything out of cauliflower. The brain makes (often) accurate, intuitive judgements in split seconds. As Malcolm Gladwell wrote…
  Karen Barth explains why the majority of consumer products and corporate transformations fail due to cognitive biases.  Why do 80% of the 30,000 consumer products launched each year and 70% of corporate transformations fail? Often business leaders are blinded by cognitive biases, which seriously affect their decision-making – and, as a result, the revenues and welfare of their companies. It can be hard to see these biases from the inside. Take, for instance, one of Britain’s largest food companies….