Assorted Links, February 3, 2020


1. McKinsey legend Pete Walker has written a book: Powerful, Different, Equal: Overcoming the Misconceptions and Differences Between China and the US

2. Update on the war-torn economy in Syria

3. Chris Brogan predicts skills that will be most valued in the coming years

4. Tyler Cowen’s spring 2020 Industrial Organization reading list and syllabus

5. ‘Ask yourself, “Would I bet $10,000 on being able to fulfill this commitment? If not, why not?”’ Leo Babauta on The Heartbreaking Effects of Being Only Partly Committed to Most Things

6. “Unfortunately, Jeanine Cummins narco-novel, American Dirt, is a literary licuado that tastes like its title.” from Pendeja, You Ain’t Steinbeck: My Bronca with Fake-Ass Social Justice Literature

7. Which contentious issues are NOT partisan?  (TLDR: they get ignored by the media.)

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