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Women Rising and Inspiring the Next Generation


Women Rising and Inspiring the Next Generation

Supriya Sen shares a post on the move to attract, inspire, and support women in leadership positions in industry.

Yesterday, I felt privileged to attend a special screening of the moving documentary “Girl Rising”. This is a film framed around a set of true human stories about exploited girls, who each turn their situation around by demanding, and getting support for, their dream of getting an education. So whether it is young Suma, from Nepal,  who through her haunting songs got many “Kamalaris” like herself freed from bonded labor; or little Ruksana, from India, who got her father’s support in the male dominated and ever-shifting world of the poor migrant worker, to pursue her dream of doing art- or even young Amina, who courageously  in the hills of Afghanistan pushed and pushed to get literacy for herself and her sisters- the film’s haunting message has now sparked off a movement which is continuing to get powerful supporters around the globe. And the movement is unique because it pairs relatively fortunate girls from the urban cities with individual girls in these hinterlands to tell their stories, or as its website’s byline goes, “uses storytelling to inspire action that gets girls into classrooms worldwide”. Clearly, there is ample evidence that educating young girls and putting the same urgency and priority to it as for their brothers, has lasting benefits to society as a whole.  And that women’s empowerment, whether by educating a girl, enabling her participation in business or sports, or putting her in a position of decision making power and authority, all have tremendous impact in terms of long term sustainability of society. Never more urgent than now! 

This and other similar events to support the gender agenda, in turn set off a train of thoughts.  A couple of weeks ago, I had been similarly inspired when I attended the fifth annual Deutsche Bank conference on Women in Asian Business, an organization that is dedicated to inspiring women in leadership positions in industry in Asia. My expectation in going to this conference was to hear about how women in leadership positions and boards are improving the innovation process by enhancing diversity, how to attract the next generation of women to leadership positions in industry so as to be a leader in today’s global market, and other subjects related to key aspects of women in business.


Key points include:

  • The benefits of diversity on boards
  • Innovation/ entrepreneurship development programs
  • Long term sustainability of society


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