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Women in the Gig Economy


Women in the Gig Economy

In this article published on, Diane Mulcahy shares an illuminating interview with Krystal Hicks where they discuss women in the gig economy and why companies don’t trust their employees.

Krystal Hicks is the founder of JOBTALK, a company that grew out of her side gig providing talent, recruiting, and job-hunting advice to companies and individuals. Before going out on her own, she managed U.S. Talent Acquisition for the Swiss chocolate maker Lindt, and was the former Director of Career Services at the University of New Hampshire.

Diane Mulcahy: You work with a lot of companies that are slow to implement remote or flexible work policies. Why is that?

Krystal Hicks: It’s trust. There’s no trust. And the mistrust stems from leadership.

I’ll give you an example. I had a client recently that I was talking to about remote work. He said that his company agreed that they had to become more flexible about offering the option to work from home in order to recruit and hire people in a reasonable amount of time. Yet, he admitted that he was having a really hard time with the idea of remote work. He said, “I know when I’m home, I’m easily distracted. I just don’t think everybody’s going to be plugged in all the time and working as hard when they’re at home and they’re not supervised.” His issues about remote work are rooted in not trusting his employees to work productively if they are outside the office.

This client has an old school mentality that comes from a career of working in a cube farm where he can see everybody at all times. Only in the last year or two has he had to even think about managing people that are not sitting in front of him. That’s a really common trend that is happening now with managers. They need to change how they manage and adapt to employees who work remotely, but they don’t want to change.

Key points include:

  • Management issue disguised as a location issue

  • The negative impact of a Micromanagement Waterfall

  • Managerial Darwinism

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