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Women in Tech and Tackling Risk


Women in Tech and Tackling Risk

Mark Ledden shares a company podcast and transcript from the Women in Tech series on her strategic style as a leader, challenges of scale and complexity, and what we need to know about risk. 

In this installment of our Women in Tech Series, Kenning Partner Cathy Boeckmann talks with Abby Kearns. Abby is a C-level business and technology executive who has held top roles at Puppet, Cloud Foundry Foundation, and Pivotal Software, to name just a few of the influential organizations she’s been a part of. She talks about how two roles – project manager and product manager – opened her eyes to the world of tech and inspired her strategic style as a leader. She shares her passion for enterprise infrastructure and for being a part of the open-source movement. Focused on the challenges of scale and complexity, Abby offers an inspiring take on how all of us, and women in particular, can look for ways to get more comfortable with risk.

Anyone contemplating a career in tech, potential founders who want to understand how investors think, or rising leaders who are curious about what top tech executives focus on will find something of value in this conversation.


‘Cathy: I’m Cathy Boeckmann, managing partner of Kenning Associates. Welcome to the Knowing Kenning podcast.

This episode is another installment in our Women in Tech series where we spotlight guests who have an interesting story to tell about their involvement with the tech world. We also shine a lens on the arc of each guest’s leadership development journey. Today I have the unique pleasure of speaking to Abby Kearns.

Abby is a C-level business and technology executive, investor, and board member. She’s held top roles at companies like Puppet Cloud, Foundry Foundation, Pivotal Software, Verizon, and Totality. I hope you enjoy listening in on our conversation, which touches on some of the tech roles Abby has held, what she’s learned from them, and the passionate interests that have shaped her career.’”


Key points include:

  • Project manager on infrastructure
  • Synthesizing roles
  • Building proprietary applications

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