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What Should a Business Prioritize during an Economic Downturn


What Should a Business Prioritize during an Economic Downturn

Andrew McKee shares an article that explains the benefits of prioritizing research and development initiatives, especially in today’s market.

As our economy continues to change, we thought it would be helpful to share some insights and industry patterns that we have experienced with our clients. One critical investment that we don’t see enough of in an economic downturn is portfolio prioritization and portfolio strategy. It is inevitable for us to feel reserved and apprehensive about our businesses as our economy fluctuates and while this apprehension is valid, it does not mean that we must forgo smart investments altogether. At Headland Strategy Group, we’re here to help you craft positive strategic investments today, especially amidst a bear market. We want to help you prioritize your portfolio to build investments in your assets that will drive growth, maintain a competitive edge, and reinvest your strengths strategically.

At Headland, we have expertise supporting our clients with these kinds of important, highly customized, strategic projects. We understand the conservatism that is associated with a turbulent market, but we don’t want that to limit your growth when the market rebounds to a normal or booming situation. The solution is to conduct cross-disciplinary portfolio planning across R&D, commercial, and BD/M&A. These are perfect projects to implement during a bear market as they result in a focused and strategically aligned portfolio, ultimately saving your company both money and time.

Hiring a trusted and experienced top strategy firm like Headland to support your prioritization and alignment of R&D initiatives can help lead to positive ROIs. Our core offerings in portfolio and R&D strategy include:

Asset Strategy: Go/No Go decks; scenario analysis; decision trees; indication selection; aNPV analysis; MedTech strategy; PMDA (Japan) and NMPA (China) planning and facilitation.

Key points include:

  • Asset Strategy
  • Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio Growth Strategy

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