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Welcoming New Member Zahra Abdullah


Welcoming New Member Zahra Abdullah

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Zahra AbdullahZahra is an exceptional leader with 18+ years of global experience as a change management advisor at top consulting firms like McKinsey & Company. Her expertise lies in navigating complex cultural differences and leading national transformation programs across various sectors. As the first woman to become an associate partner at Elixir, she has demonstrated her ability to effectively manage multicultural task forces.

Zahra’s approach to change management and strategy is human-centered, and she is skilled in bridging the gap between strategic planning and successful program implementation. She has a proven track record of consensus building, partnering with senior business leaders, and collaborating at all levels within an organization.

In addition, Zahra is an executive coach and facilitator, leveraging her expertise to help leaders and teams embrace change as an opportunity for growth. She excels in designing DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) initiatives that are seamlessly integrated into daily operations and employee interactions, leading to positive business impact and measurable outcomes.

Zahra has had the privilege of working with prestigious clients across a wide array of industries, including Google, Amazon, Apple, Salesforce, Hyatt, Forbes, Sony, Warner Brothers, Toyota, and United Healthcare. Her experience spans diverse sectors, enabling her to gain valuable insights and expertise in addressing industry-specific challenges and opportunities.