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Welcoming New Member Tony Tiernan


Welcoming New Member Tony Tiernan

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Tony Tiernan with Authentic Identity, Inc. Tony is a brand strategist with extensive international experience advising C-suite executives and other senior business leaders who are wrestling with: strategic narrative, organizational purpose, vision, mission and values, and the fusion of all of these into an authentic identity that differentiates the organization, drives communications, and shapes behavior.

He is adept at helping complex organizations to communicate the meaning that drives them and the value that they promise. He has particular expertise in helping leaders and their teams make both the intellectual and emotional journey to find themselves in the organization’s brand story.

His focus on meaning, story and narrative enables his clients to evolve their strategic narrative as circumstances change, while remaining true to their core.

Tony is the founder of Authentic Identity Inc, which helps leaders and the organizations they steward build strong, differentiated brands designed to attract the right customers and the right talent. Before founding Authentic Identity in 2002, Tony was Global Director of Marketing with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the strategy consulting firm. He built that firm’s European and Asian brand and marketing capabilities. He was previously Vice President of Global Marketing with CSC Index (the consulting firm that launched the Business Reengineering concept and fueled the consulting boom during the 1990s).

During his 30-year international career has Tony has also been group director of a UK-based publishing, research and communications company, and an award-winning business journalist.