Welcoming New Member Paul Bloemendal


Welcoming New Member Paul Bloemendal

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Paul Bloemendal with PRETB Pte Ltd. Paul is active as Enterprise Risk Management & Strategic Reframing Specialist under his companies PRETB Pte Ltd in Singapore and Bloemendal Consults BV in the Netherlands.

He brings in extensive experience as commodity trader having managed agricultural sourcing, shipping and trading desks in companies like Cargill, Noble, Ruchi and a range of risk management service providers with a strong focus agricultural and energy related commodities including renewables.

He writes a weekly market guidance update for the CME group and has worked regularly as a keynote speaker at conferences globally.

Currently he works as consultant for companies like McKinsey and the Boston Consultancy Group as external partner in the agricultural, edible oils and chemical space with a focus on strategic sourcing and risk management solutions.

Besides his consultancy work, he is also an active entrepreneur, investor and mentor to pre-seed start-ups. His most recent venture is the Paper Trader Platform, a fintech tool to digitize the commodity trade with embedded (counterparty) risk management and control systems. This is live in South Africa and will be launched in Asia and India in the near future.