Welcoming new member Oliver Speier


Umbrex is pleased to welcome Oliver Speier with Proworks Consulting. Oliver is a senior transformation advisor with ~14 years of experience in Operations Management, Lean and strategy for large corporations within various industry sectors. I have been working in different roles (e.g. hands-on support to leadership & strategic coaching) and on multiple engagements predominantly in Europe and Asia. I was an Engagement Manager with McKinsey&Company’s Operations Practice in Singapore serving large banks and insurance companies specifically around challenges such as top-line growth & efficiency.

I apply my strengths to address typical challenges of change situations such as market shifts, strategic redirections or digital transformations, covering and integrating both, the market and operational view. My consulting approach is complementary, bridging the classic expert-driven and content-oriented perspective (giving answers/providing solutions) with a bottom-up process and coaching oriented perspective (asking question/providing a frame in which the organization delivers the solution itself). My engagements with the client are workshop based and highly interactive both onsite and off-site, deploying all current online video conferencing and team collaboration technologies.