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Welcoming New Member Navin Sharma


Welcoming New Member Navin Sharma

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Navin Sharma with Datacraft Advisors. Navin is a seasoned consultant and accomplished executive specializing in using digital technology and AI to generate top- and bottom-line value. With a vast repertoire of skills honed as Chief Commercial Services Officer at Inspire Brands and as a management consultant at BCG, Navin’s expertise lies in unlocking the potential of data to improve customer experiences, optimize operations, and drive business growth.

With a keen understanding of digital transformation, M&A, loyalty, analytics, and marketing, he is well-equipped to provide tailored consulting services to both public and private companies of all sizes. A Duke University alumnus with an engineering background and an MBA, Navin combines technical expertise with business acumen, delivering results that create lasting value for his clients.

Navin is an avid NFL fan, a barbecue aficionado, and enjoys trying to play golf with his three children.