Welcoming new member Mikael Anjou


Umbrex is pleased to welcome Mikael Anjou with Förändringstid. Mikael is as an independent advisor helping clients in the construction sector at large to improve and transform their business to high productivity and efficiency. Besides being an advisor and board member, Mikael is also well-known in the sector for his book “The inefficient construction sector – an agenda for renewal” and a speaker / lecturer on topics related to transformation of the construction industry.

Prior to this, Mikael has had a long career as line manager, including being CEO of Einar Mattsson Construction and Einar Mattsson Project Development (Einar Mattsson being Stockholm’s largest privately held residential property owner and a large project developer and construction company in the region). Previously, Mikael has also been a consultant for close to 7 yrs with McKinsey & Co.

Mikael is happy to share experience from the construction sector and to collaborate on projects related to this area.