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Welcoming New Member Michael Dowhan


Welcoming New Member Michael Dowhan

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Michael Dowhan.

Our mission is to provide sales strategy and leadership expertise to small and medium businesses (SMB) resulting in long-term, sustainable revenue growth. We go beyond sales consulting by partnering with business owners and taking a hands-on approach to build a solid sales foundation aligned with the business, hire a team and achieve record-breaking sales through:

1. Customized Sales Strategy
2. Integrated Sales Processes
3. Proven Sales Execution
4. Fractional Sales Leadership

I work with B2B startups, small and mid-sized companies that are at a transition or pivot point and are experiencing challenges associated with sales. Most often they…

Are founded/owned by an executive with limited sales experience
Need to hire a sales team and a sales leader
Lack an effective and proactive sales effort
Have hired salespeople who have not worked out in the past
Have little or no formal sales processes
May have stagnant growth or stalled proposals
Cannot articulate their Value Proposition
Have limited pipeline visibility or forecasting ability
May be growing very quickly but are unable to take the sales structure to the “Next Level”

If this sounds like you or a business you know, please connect and contact me.