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Welcoming New Member Mary C Falvey


Welcoming New Member Mary C Falvey

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Mary C Falvey with Falvey Associates. Mary Falvey is a strategic advisor to early-stage and privately held companies, particularly in situations of rapid growth or requiring a strategic pivot, or restructuring. Her experience combines several years as a consultant at McKinsey, senior operating and governance positions at Citibank and a Wall Street investment bank and brokerage firm, broad and diverse experience as an independent consultant, and government service through two Presidential appointments.

When her father became ill, she stepped in as CEO of Falvey Autos, Inc., one of the original distributors of imported automobiles in the U.S., in a challenging business environment, to restore growth and profitability. She ultimately sold the companies and developed her practice as an independent advisor, director, investor, and former CEO. She has worked in a range of industries, with particular focus on medical devices, healthcare IT, automotive, software, and financial services.

Based in San Francisco, she serves on the board of the San Francisco Symphony and spends three months each year in France doing client work, serving as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, and teaching at Sorbonne University.