Welcoming New Member Marie-Pier Darsigny


Welcoming New Member Marie-Pier Darsigny

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Marie-Pier DarsignyMarie-Pier began her journey in medicine, successfully completing the theoretical component of the medical doctorate program, establishing the foundations for her analytical and problem-solving capabilities.

Drawn by the business world, she decided to pivot her career and joined a promising AI startup in Montreal called Lyrebird before being contacted to become a data analyst for the Ministry of Health. Eager to further enrich her business knowledge, she pursued an MBA and subsequently joined McKinsey & Company as an Associate, where she contributed to a diverse range of projects, including data transformations.

Marie-Pier thrives on challenges, enjoys diversity, and embodies an entrepreneurial spirit, eagerly seizing opportunities to apply her hard earned consulting skills. This, coupled with her preference for remote work, ultimately guided her toward a successful career as an independent consultant.

In addition to her business acumen, Marie-Pier is a certified coach who derives great satisfaction from volunteering to support individuals in need. She is always ready for discussions related to wellness.