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Welcoming New Member Jean-Francois Berleur


Welcoming New Member Jean-Francois Berleur

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Jean-Francois Berleur with Brave Minds. A summary of Jef experience follows.

“I strive to accompany & accelerate daring transformations.

To enable change, I systematically work hand in hand with action-oriented organizations to guide them through daring transformations and achieve positive societal impact at scale.

By principle I:
– Aim at achieving POSITIVE SOCIETAL IMPACT AT SCALE throughout and because of the transformation
– Start by getting to know YOUR SPECIFIC ENVIRONMENT & CONTEXT, and adapt to it
– Help you in identifying the deep MECHANISMS and ROOT-CAUSES of your main challenges
– Act both as CONSULTANT/MENTOR AND COACH to both guide your people in the right direction & foster the required participation to successfully transform.
– Work WITH INDIVIDUALS/TEAMS AT ALL LEVELS while orchestrating your transformation


SYSTEM DIAGNOSTICS – A short but powerful step-back, along the principles and with the tools of systems thinking, to understand what interactions are at the origin of both the virtuous & the vicious circles in your organization; which help and/or prevent your organization to work effectively and develop. With a systemic diagnostic in hand, you know where the focus should first lie first to improve performance.

ORCHESTRATION OF ORGANIZATIONAL TRANSFORMATION & CHANGE – Act as a guide and, if possible & pertinent, be operationally involved to work with you on transforming your company. With a focus on implementing transitions to ‘organizations of the future’ along the principles of participatory & collaborative ways of working (Cf. Carney & Getz’s “Freedom Inc”, Laloux’s “Reinventing Organizations”, Pflaeging “Organizing for Complexity”).

INDIVIDUAL COACHING AND/OR MENTORING – Act as sounding board and/or guide to executives, helping them to change their “way of thinking” and views at work & life, thus activating a powerful lever in transitioning through change.

COMMUNITY BUILDING – Enable people to authentically connect with colleagues and experience the effect of peer learning and collective intelligence through “dialogue circles”. As such fostering the creation of new virtuous informal networks and communities within your company, boosting initiative-taking and intrapreneurial endeavors.”