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Welcoming New Member Henry Kepeden


Welcoming New Member Henry Kepeden

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Henry Kepeden. Henry is a Managing Director and Board Member with a passion for driving transformative results through world-class strategy, business transformation, and performance optimization. With a career spanning various capital-intensive sectors, including oil & gas, renewables, chemicals, and manufacturing, Henry’s strategic prowess shines through.

He is a results-driven executive leader in the fields of Strategy, Digital Transformation, and Operational Excellence. Certified as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Henry has consistently enhanced enterprise processes and significantly improved EBITDA performance and employee engagement.

Fluent in English, French, and German, Henry is an effective communicator in multinational environments. This linguistic versatility enables him to bridge cultural gaps and facilitate seamless interactions.

Henry’s expertise spans a wide range of critical domains, including Strategy Planning, Performance Optimization, Business Transformation, Operational Excellence, Lean Six Sigma, Industry 4.0 Implementation, Data Analysis & Visualization, and Change Management.

In his role as Managing Director at Flows Management, Henry leads the business intelligence and operational excellence practice in the USA. His accomplishments include empowering the Executive Team of CNRL’s Oil Sands Bitumen Production with a groundbreaking Executive Business Intelligence Dashboard that unveiled $67+ million in cost-saving and revenue-increasing opportunities.

At Ball Corporation, a leading aerospace and aluminum packaging company, Henry achieved remarkable results. He drove a $100+ million revenue business line’s production debottlenecking program, boosting factory utilization by 11% and increasing contribution margin by 7% through Industry 4.0 adoption.

Not only is Henry an accomplished consultant, but he is also an entrepreneurial visionary. He secured $1.3 million in capital to establish a boutique consulting firm in France, with a satellite office in Houston. His advisory role in launching five startups across Africa, the USA, and Europe highlights his multifaceted approach to business.

Henry’s impact at EP Energy as an Executive Advisor (LSS Master Black Belt) for Business Excellence was profound. His initiatives identified over $42 million in benefits, spanning cost reduction, production optimization, and business value enhancement.

As an Improvement Project Manager (Lean Six Sigma Black Belt) at DuPont, Henry spearheaded business improvement initiatives. His initiatives led to over $7 million in net present value across petrochemical and power plants.

Henry embodies excellence in every aspect of his career, and his core competencies include Operational Excellence, Agile Transformation, Lean Six Sigma Deployment, Business Process Digitization, Business Development & Execution, and much more.

In summary, Henry is an accomplished executive leader with a diverse skill set, a proven track record, and a passion for driving excellence across various industries. His ability to navigate complex challenges, enhance processes, and communicate effectively in multinational settings makes him a valuable asset to any organization.