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Welcoming New Member Elias Mazzawi


Welcoming New Member Elias Mazzawi

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Elias Mazzawi with 4H-2D. Formerly a consultant at a leading global strategy house and senior executive at multi-nationals and mid-size organisations internationally, Elias is a highly experienced interim specialist in integration and growth across multi-OpCo businesses.

With a depth of leadership and programme experience at the point of M&A and at strategic inflexion points (including transfer to private equity, change of management and roll-up), he specialises in M&A post-merger and whole-greater-than-the-sum-of-the-parts revenue strategies; primarily across across midsize, and private equity backed environments internationally.

Considered strategic, pragmatic and independent, he brings distinctive transformation and operational skills to navigating and aligning complex stakeholder scenarios to deliver, accelerate and sustain bespoke combinations of synergy across client management, proposition integration and cross-sell; supported by expertise in commercial excellence.

B2B | financial services, professional services, outsourcing, manufacturing | regulated environments | UK-based and highly international | developed and emerging markets.