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Welcoming New Member Ben Lazaroff


Welcoming New Member Ben Lazaroff

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Ben Lazaroff with Elevate Advisory. A summary of Ben’s experience follows.

“Started at McKinsey then moved into Policy at the Chicago Mayor’s Office. Building a marketplace for chess coaches at Started my own LLC / S-corp (Elevate Advisory LLC) doing advisory work for Bain & Co’s Private Equity Group, New York City and various other firms. Advising primarily takes the form of corporate diligences, public policy, targeted VC work, and corporate strategy / fundraising for multiple startups (seed to series c) as a manager, consultant to CEO / execs, or a generalist associate. Main sectors of advisory work include disinformation / cyber-security and healthtech (med devices, neurotech, ML/AI-focused disease detection & treatment) and writing / editing across industries.

Studied philosophy-neuroscience-psychology & economics at Wash U in St. Louis and earned an MBA at Stanford GSB.”