Use Airr to “highlight” and save clips from podcasts


I’m loving Airr, a podcast player app that allows you to highlight and share clips from podcasts.

When you are listening to a podcast and hear something you’d like to save or share, you just click a button.

By default the app selects a 45 second clip surrounding that point in time. You can adjust the start and stop point, and then title the clip.

Some of the more popular podcasts include transcripts.  You can click on the transcript and jump to that section of the audio. With these shows, when you save an AirrQuote, you get the relevant section of the transcript as well as the audio clip.

You can export your AirrQuote to Evernote, email it, or export it in a variety of other ways.

You can also make the AirrQuote public, like I did with this clip about the pre-game rituals of professional athletes from The Productivity Show. (That conversation got me thinking about how business professionals could design a pre-game ritual to prepare for the work day – a potential future podcast topic.)