Use Actionable Micro-segments to Drive up the ROI


Use Actionable Micro-segments to Drive up the ROI

In this article, Matthew Egol explains how to turn marketing personas into actionable micro-segments. 

Get Beyond Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Your CX investments will have the highest ROI when they are based on actionable insights into the propensity of your customers to engage with your brand. Beyond using personas to spark ideation across all four quadrants of your Experience Collage™ canvas, turning your personas into actionable micro-segments is also key to maximizing customer lifetime value (click here if you missed my earlier blog about how to create an Experience Collage™). The key is to be able to find and recognize your personas when you are engaging with them and take a systematic approach to design and run experiments to optimize the content and calls to action across your full Experience Collage™ canvas.

NPS is a common metric that many companies use to assess the degree of brand advocacy among their customers. It provides a single score for how likely a customer is to recommend you to others, where you subtract the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters to get your overall NPS score. You can then build additional insights into what drives your NPS score to help prioritize where to focus. NPS also works best when combined with other scores as part of an overall system of metrics, such as Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES), or Relationship Strength Index (RSI). NPS is best suited to measure brand advocacy rather than how customers feel about specific moments that matter on their journey or how much trust they have in the expertise and commitment of your people.

But while NPS can be useful when combined with other insights, it isn’t enough on its own to create actionable insights about your customers’ propensity to engage with your brand along their customer journey.  Moreover, because NPS is typically based on surveys, it doesn’t enable execution at scale against your personas, even if you were to map your NPS results against your personas.   To truly turn your personas into actionable micro-segments – getting closer to true personalization and enable testing of a far greater number of versions of content and calls to action using AI – you will need to look beyond survey based approaches that leverage a broader set of unstructured data signals as well as 1st party data from your customer data platform (CDP) or other systems.


Key points include:

  • Engaging customers with your brand
  • Assessing the degree of brand advocacy
  • Capturing digital footprint data


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