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Update your email display name


Update your email display name


You might check how your professional email appears in the inbox of recipients by sending yourself an email to a personal account.

Some issues I commonly see:

  1. Instead of seeing the sender’s first and last name, just see the email address
  2. Sender’s first and last name are all lower case “first name” or some odd case “FIrst Name”

What’s the impact?

  1. The sender looks just a bit unprofessional to every recipient
  2. Adds a stumbling block when recipients using an iPhone try to Add Contact. Instead of first and last names automatically populating, the email address shows as the first name
  3. Makes it harder for the recipient to search for the sender by name in their inbox

Good news: Fixing your “display name” takes less than five minutes.

Users of Gmail and G-suite
Users of Microsoft

And of course you should not be using a personal email for consulting work.
If you are still using a gmail, yahoo, hotmail, or aol account, consider taking 30 minutes to buy a domain and get a professional email address.
In a previous survey, 2/3 of community members with a professional email address use G-Suite, 1/3 use Microsoft, and a tiny percentage use some other provider.