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Two Effective Marketing Concepts


Two Effective Marketing Concepts

David A. Fields shares a few key tips to get the ball rolling for effective marketing of your consulting firm.

Effective marketing will increase awareness, engagement and credibility among your consulting firm’s target audience. However, your efforts to build visibility consume considerable time and money while producing questionable results.

A couple of proven, consulting firm marketing principles will boost your marketing success.


Flywheels are difficult to set into motion, and the weightier the wheel, the more effort is required to generate movement. As a result, you can expend all your energy on a massive wheel and it won’t budge at all.

Yep, sounds like marketing.

Creating engaged awareness of your small consulting firm beyond a small circle of fans who already know, like and trust you, can feel like an enormously heavy lift. Particularly if you haven’t gained any momentum.

The problem: your marketing flywheel may be too massive.

The scope of your consulting services—who you serve and what problem you solve—determines the mass of your marketing flywheel.

For instance, if your consulting firm was built to advise one person, say, Blynken, on lullaby choices, then you merely have to locate Blynken and initiate a conversation. Voila your marketing flywheel is spinning.

Conversely, if your consulting firm will serve any industry and provides advice on a vast array of challenges, creating visibility-building momentum will prove enormously difficult.

Fortunately, once your consulting firm’s marketing flywheel is spinning, maintaining its momentum requires modest energy compared to the starting effort.


Key points include:

  • Identifying the scope of services
  • Visibility-building functions
  • Expanding vs shifting