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Tools for Strategy and Innovation


Tools for Strategy and Innovation


Kaihan Krippendorff shares several online strategy and innovation tools and resources that can be downloaded from his website. 

The tools include:


  • Strategy Bot: So far, Kaihan’s strategic coaching has generated over $2.5b in new revenue for his clients. Use this strategy bot to experience a virtual coaching session with him. 
  • A Manual for Outthinking the Competition: A white paper that walks you through a step-by-step process for surmounting the seven critical hurdles that prevent companies from responding rapidly and creatively to new strategic challenges. 
  • Jack Welch – Passion Workbook – A collection of 14 exercises you and your team can use to connect with the passion and purpose of what you do. 
  • Building Creative Strategies with Patterns: An article originally published in Harvard Business Review. 
  • Seven Surprise Openings:  An article originally published in Harvard Business Review. 
  • 30 Minute Strategy Workbook: Five steps to rapidly – in 30 minutes or less – design a strategic narrative for achieving your goals in work or life. 
  • Reverse Engineering Your Destiny – an even shorter version of my “30 Minute Strategy” workbook designed by Izzy Greenberg of Tekiyah Creative. 
  • Beliefs Workbook: Belief is Contagious. It wins supporters. It’s self-fulfilling. Here’s how to get there when nagging, negative thoughts are holding you back. 
  • Personal Strategy Tracking Tool: a simple matrix and daily practice to help keep you on the path to realizing your one-year strategy. 
  • Personal Strategy Refresh Tool – A 10 minute exercise to assess whether you are on track and identify what parts of your strategy you want to adjust to re energize, refresh, and reclaim strategic clarity. 


Access the tools, articles, and whitepapers from Kaihan’s website.