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Time Out and Professional Development


Time Out and Professional Development

In this article, Jessica Lackey highlights the importance of taking time out of the daily grind to remember how to be human. 

I almost didn’t take my own medicine.

I preach about how we humans, we aren’t machines.

How we are designed for seasons of bloom and seasons of rest instead of constant productivity.

How cycles of expansion are followed by cycles of contraction, versus linear growth.

How we aren’t meant to push through the pain, and certainly not alone.

That we have to consider the capacity we have across all elements of our lives – and manage what we take on from that whole self lens.

And even though this is Radical Strategy… I almost fell back into the habit of grinding it out.

I’m in that phase of business where you’re both heads down delivering for clients and heads up expanding your reach and visibility.

Simultaneously executing the business, growing the team and systems, and building out the next phase of my business methodology and point of view. Rooting down to rise up.

And at the same time… taking on some significant personal goals.

Going on trips that had been pushed from 2020 and 2021

Getting to the root of some underlying issues with a health coach

And oh yeah… trying to train for an endurance event the last week of August!

In this time with a large amount of change in my life, I followed my radical and rooted business tenets.

Delegated to my team, enlisted support, got radically focused on my next steps, structured my days for focus and flow. But still, I was almost on the edge.

Then I decided I wanted to throw a new priority into the mix.

And my body rebelled and told me no.

I knew better.

I was about to head out on a trip, in the process of preparing for a fall program launch…

I had no business taking on anything new. Yet, I was so used to treating my body like a high-powered, high-octane machine that I almost launched into an unsustainable grind that would have burned me out.


Key points include:

  • The cost of the grinding mentality
  • Acknowledge capacity
  • Prioritize health


Read the full article, Remember: we are not machines, on Linkedin.