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Thinking Outside the Suit


Thinking Outside the Suit

Ben Lazaroff shares a post that serves as a reminder to look for talent and knowledge in a variety of people and locations. 

If you’re starting a company, stop filtering for people with pedigrees, stamps and glitzy-glammy career trajectories. I’ve had all too many conversations with people who give me a slate of exclusively so-called “impressive” people they spend time with or get advice from. Society is biased towards the articulate — people who say that they know. The world’s knowledge isn’t confined to an informal fraternity of the wealthy and “well-connected”.

Three of the best ideas for TownSquare Chess have come from:

– a doorman in my building

– an NYU student I played in a random classical game

– an 80-year-old I exchanged jokes with while waiting for sandwiches

You think you’ve seen things? My doorman’s seen tenfold. They watch people move; they see who spends time with who; they resolve crazy, unexpected situations; they’ve felt ten-dozen permutations of how people treat them. They’re experts in sociology even if they’d never say it themselves. 

Always take an interest in people around you. Some of the best advice is hidden among within those with experiences you know nothing about, and who have nothing to gain.

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