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The Upside of the Coronavirus


The Upside of the Coronavirus

Nicholas Beecroft shares an article that identifies 18 Positive things to come out of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a catalyst that is changing the way we live and work and will reshape the world. Whilst it’s essential to be aware of the losses, fears, risks and threats, it is also our responsibility to ask what good can come out of this situation. One of the many questions we can ask is ‘What are the top 5 positive things to come out of the Coronavirus Pandemic?’ I’ve asked over 250 people this question including family, friends and colleagues in healthcare, business, the military, diplomats, investors, entrepreneurs, coaches, professionals and consultants. Here’s what they said in order of priority:

  1. A recalibration of our values, interests and priorities. 

The crisis has forced people to re-evaluate what is most important in their lives. We have downshifted the centre of gravity of our values to survival, health, family and security, underpinned by an awareness of our vulnerability and mortality.

  1. More time with family and friends. 

People are spending more time with their family and friends in person, online or by telephone, checking in more frequently than usual. People miss the personal contact, touch and presence which they will surely relish in future.

  1. Increased gratitude, appreciation and respect for others 

Most people are noticing an increase in awareness, appreciation and gratitude for everyday things like health, freedom, nature – and toilet paper! There is a marked increase in gratitude for those workers that we often take for granted in healthcare, food, transport, delivery drivers, waste recycling, police, military and shop workers. There is an increase in kindness, compassion, volunteering and care for the weak, sick, old and vulnerable.

  1. Working from home and online

Many people, businesses and services have quickly adapted to working from home and online. Families and friends meet online. Doctors consult online. Coaches, consultants, even Churches and slimming world are innovating online services. Once this is over, many more people will be able to work from home, people will be more open to using online services and many businesses will allow employees to work flexibly and save the expense of office spaces. Some people have enjoyed working from home. Others have found it difficult to maintain boundaries. Most people have enjoyed not having to commute.

  1. Creativity, innovation and adaptability 

Individuals, businesses, governments and every institution are adapting to this new situation. The successful ones are proving adaptive and agile, streamlining bureaucracy and inefficient practices, changing mindsets and working differently. The pandemic is acting as a catalyst, activating changes that needed to happen anyway. We are experiencing a huge well of creativity from commerce to medicine to humour. There is a general awareness that the world is going to be different and that there is the opportunity to shape the future, treating this as a fresh start.


Key points include:

  • Remote work
  • Creativity, innovation and adaptability
  • Valuing and defending our freedom and rights


Read the full article, 18 Positive things to come out of the Coronavirus Pandemic, on LinkedIn.