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The Purposeful Podcast


The Purposeful Podcast


David A. Fields shares a few key tips on promoting your services through a podcast in the best possible way.

Podcasts are (relatively) easy to produce, the barrier to entry is virtually zero, and they’ve become more popular than cabbage patch dolls in the 1980s. Should your consulting firm have a podcast? Probably. Can you leverage the podcast movement to your consulting firm’s advantage? Absolutely.

My consulting firm can trace a substantial portion of our revenues to podcasts. Your firm can enjoy this success too.*

Your consulting firm’s podcast strategy can be bifurcated based on your position: are you the host or are you a guest?

HOST – Use your consulting firm’s podcast to create deep relationships.

GUEST – Use partners’ podcasts to create broad interest in your consulting firm.

You’ll find that being a guest is a far easier, less expensive, more sustainable path to gaining clients for your consulting firm. So, for this article, let’s focus on being a guest!*

Promoting your consulting firm through guest appearances is easy:


Key points include:

  • Finding partners
  • Being a memorable guest
  • Adding value for listeners


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