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The Power of Playtime 


The Power of Playtime 


Susan Hamilton Meier shares an evergreen post on why it pays to play in all things, including branding.

We’re well into fall, and while the weather here in New York remains lovely enough, my work ethic tells me it’s time to buckle down and really get some work done. No more playing around. Summer is over.

But maybe I’ve got it all wrong. What if play is actually the best way to work?

Recess is the most important class.

Education researchers have found that offering ample recess in schools significantly boosts academic performance. If you’ve ever watched a kid use a packing tube for a light saber and a towel for a cape, you know that play is the way children learn. Play builds both imagination and analytical skills. This is equally true for adults.

Not-working really works.

Have you ever noticed that the big a-ha moment comes when you allow your mind to wander? When I’m immersed in my sketchbook or walking on the beach, I’ll be unintentionally mulling over the problems I’m trying to solve for my brand clients. It doesn’t feel like work, but it’s often when I land on the Big Idea. Play lights up your brain, encouraging what psychologists call divergent thinking – the process of generating ideas by exploring solutions in a free-flowing way. 

It pays to play.

Engaging in a playful activity not only stimulates creative problem-solving, but also releases endorphins. You experience energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment. In short, play makes you happy. And the data shows that happy people are more productive, earn more money, and live longer.


Key points include:

  • Divergent thinking
  • Building analytical skills
  • Free flowing


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