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The Ostrich Complex and AI


The Ostrich Complex and AI

As the use of AI becomes more ubiquitous, this article from Barry Horwitz explores how to use it and not hide from it.

You’ve no doubt heard a lot about AI (Artificial Intelligence) over the past several months.

From what I’ve read, these tools will either be the greatest invention ever, transforming the world of work and significantly increasing productivity, or… they will lead to tremendous job losses and the end of humanity as we know it.

Although serious people hold views on both ends of this extreme range, I suspect the ultimate truth will be somewhere in between. (How’s that for a bold prediction?!)

Regardless of how and when this all shakes out, I think perspective is in order. There is already a growing sense that AI, at least in the short-term, will become a tool to support workers, not replace them. In fact, that is how the deal worked out with Hollywood writers has been positioned in ending the long writers strike.

As for what the arrival of AI means for those of us in the business world and what to think and do about it now, I have a few suggestions….

#1. Get Your Hands On It

There are countless articles about what AI can and cannot do. And while reading these offers some insight, it’s not the same as trying it for yourself. Now is the perfect time, while we are all relative newbies and the paint has yet to dry on any of this.

Several of these tools are available for free; other, more powerful versions are available for a relatively low cost. Some of them — like Microsoft’s Co-Pilot — will soon be integrated into software you are likely using today. Do some googling and choose one or two to experiment with and think about how you might put it to use.

Key points include:

  • Privacy concerns

  • Range of applications

  • Time management

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