The magic of one hour


There’s a certain magic in starting.

We may have the idea for a bold new initiative, think about it for months, making no progress.

Setting aside one hour, we get started.

And then, the universe conspires to bring the project to fruition.

This Sunday, many of us will get a free hour when we turn back the clocks.

Some ideas for what I call Start-Something Sunday:

1. Register a domain for that new company you’ll start

2. Sign up for a course on Coursera, Udacity, edX, LinkedIn Learning, or other site

3. Write the outline of a webinar or course you could teach

4. Create an account on Libsyn for your new podcast

5. Set up a note-taking system using Evernote, Roam Digital. or Notion and begin creating what Tiago Forte calls your Second Brain

6. Send a hard-written note to a former mentor letting her know what you’ve been up to recently

7. Get a Squarespace account and finally start building your website

8. Learn a sun salutation sequence to invigorate your mornings