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The Limitations of ChatGPT


The Limitations of ChatGPT

Ben Lazaroff explains why ChatGPT can’t write your personal statement and offers examples of the limitations. 

ChatGPT is to a personal narrative what a 3D sketch is to a building under construction. As someone who happens to care deeply about the deterioration of art and creativity at the hands of “artificial intelligence”, I’ve been as encouraged by what ChatGPT can’t do as I have by what it can. Natural language models have percolated across sectors for decades, but this close-to-home, consumer-facing instantiation leaves many people feeling (rightfully) pessimistic about whether application essays are going to be a thing of the past. And I get it. Anybody can use this thing, and it seems to “do the writing for you”. Why bother writing your own essay if you’re just going to be outdone by a machine that hands a better essay to someone else?

Keep Writing – You’ll Stand Out Simply by Trying

At least in the short-term (say, three to five years), I actually think the opposite effect will take hold. As universities onboard AI-detection software faster than you can say “Chatbot class of 2023”, my hunch is that (lazy) applicants will become overly reliant on these tools, imagining themselves more prepared than they really are. They’ll stick too closely to what some blind language model says after not-so-cleverly inputting their resume bullets and factoids from their life into prompt form. Here’s an example of what this might look like:


Key points include:

  • What ChatGPT can’t do
  • “Asymmetric downside” auditing
  • The energy of authentic emotion


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