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The Innovative Benefits of Personalized Video


The Innovative Benefits of Personalized Video


David Edelman shares an article that extols the benefits of video as an effective business communication tool.


“When you buy a new car, do you really want to learn about it from a 300-page manual, or would you rather have a curated curriculum of two-minute videos that you work through at your own pace, which are not only tied to your specific car, but also reflect learning about your own dealer’s services, the add-ons you personally purchased, and questions you could quickly answer about how you wanted to set up its dashboard-based capabilities.  And when you did that, wouldn’t it be useful to have contextual links to take care of actions related to the video?

It is already commonplace to swap around static content to make the experience more personalized, but words on a page are so boring. And there are still countless examples of key interactions where companies don’t even bother to personalize the verbiage, such as when they onboard a new customer, explain a bill, or try to cross-sell.

Most marketers are already struggling with massive amounts of content creation. An entire ecosystem of off-shoring has emerged to provide low cost, high volume production and management. If marketers want to use video more, which they should, the costs of this complexity would get prohibitively out of control.

Or does it? Let’s componentize video, as if it is data, into scenes made from templates where the scenes can be combined, and frames in the templates can be personalized, all based on real-time data.  And then, let’s connect these videos into their own micro-journeys where you can track viewing and click-throughs by scene, all enabling you to improve the content continuously.”


Key points include:

  • Managing information flow
  • Customer engagement
  • Expression of brand


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