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The Future of Work and AI Outlook


The Future of Work and AI Outlook

Gerd Schenkel shares a quick look at AI and the future of work.

As the swirling dust of hype around Artificial Intelligence (AI) begins to settle, it’s time to take a clearer, more discerning look at this transformative technology. As with most things, the reality lies somewhere between the extremes: AI isn’t going to take over the world, nor will it eliminate most jobs.

However, it would be naive not to acknowledge some seismic shifts underway. Certain job categories will inevitably become obsolete – roles like simple copywriters, editors or illustrators. Meanwhile, the adoption of AI tools will become as essential as the use of computers, smartphones, and the internet in many occupations – like it or not.

A fundamental shift that we often overlook is the codification of a company’s capabilities and expertise, its ‘secret sauce’, into AI models. Once encoded, these models facilitate exponential learning and development at a speed and cost that were unimaginable in the pre-AI world.

Organizations that grasp this opportunity will be able to develop at an unparalleled velocity, leaving others trailing in their wake. Consider the potential of AI in harnessing some key capabilities:

1. Take Lego’s ability to create an enticing variety of box sets from thousands of individual pieces. What if AI enabled Lego to create custom sets for individual customers, predicting their preferences?

2. Consider Amazon’s ability to price sharply yet still turn a profit. What if AI could set pricing dynamically for each product for each customer at the precise moment they consider purchasing?

3. And what about GE’s ability to remotely monitor the performance of their jet engines. Imagine if AI could use real-time data from thousands of engineers to adjust settings on other engines in flight, in real-time?

Key points include:

  • Remote performance monitoring

  • Dynamic pricing

  • Harnessing key capabilities

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