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The Future of Healthcare – AI and Precision Medicine


The Future of Healthcare – AI and Precision Medicine


Sylvain Milet shares a company blog post that introduces information on making artificial intelligence and precision medicine equitable.

Diversity in clinical trials is one of the hottest topics right now. However, there are many things that go into making these clinical trials equitable and diverse that start before the trial even begins. Are you interested in learning more about making both AI and precision medicine equitable? Then this talk is where you should start.

On January 12-13, 2022, Real Chemistry hosted Real; Health Equity 2022 during the J.P. Morgan Conference. The sessions centered around health equity as an organizational imperative to drive business and add societal value. The event was meant as a way for clinical research industry leaders across academia, healthcare, and the community to come together and discuss how we can address and solve these very real problems.

Medidata’s Evon Okidi participated in a panel entitled Inclusive AI and the Path to Equitable Precision Medicine with two other panelists from IBM and Howard University. The conversation began by discussing issues with diversity in workplaces, algorithms, and clinical trials. The panelists touched on all facets that go into creating both an equitable workplace and clinical trial, as well as how we can future-proof our studies moving forward.

Okidi discussed how data is incredibly important in that it can reveal biases, allow us to see what is missing, and give us the knowledge to ultimately make change.

Key points include:

  • AI and precision medicine
  • Equitable medicine

  • Diversity in trials

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