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Assorted Links, February 10, 2020


Assorted Links, February 10, 2020


1. Umbrex member Paul Millerd’s piece, The Boomer Blockade: How One Generation Reshaped the Workforce and Left Everyone Behind, was blogged about by Tyler Cowen. That’s like being picked as the Oprah Book-of-the-Month in my universe. Congrats to Paul.

2. How McKinsey Destroyed the Middle Class, according to Yale Law School Professor Daniel Markovits, in The Atlantic.

My post on LinkedIn about this article opened, “Other than a failure to define terms, historical errors, a confusion of correlation and causation, a failure to consider the counterfactual, a poor understanding of how corporations work, and a failure to disclose a conflict of interest, I have no complaints about the recent piece by Daniel Markovits in The Atlantic.”

3. I got quoted in this piece on the Cisive blog: Fostering Collaboration in the New Decade

4. Thanks to the Anti–Gig Economy Craze, Freelance Writers Are Getting Hurt from the Mises Institute

5. Good Science, Bad Science, Pseudoscience: How to Tell the Difference from Farnam Street.

It would be an interesting exercise to write a parallel article on good consulting, bad consulting, pseudoconsulting, and how to tell the difference.

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