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The Benefits of Health Technology for Caregivers


The Benefits of Health Technology for Caregivers

Uwe Heiss shares an article that identities the benefits of giving caregivers tools that help them provide valuable information. 

In practical terms, a stakeholder in a person’s health will find it difficult to contribute and receive relevant health information and to participate in informed decision-making if they are not a Covered Entity under HIPAA (reimbursed for their work by a healthcare payor).

We need to develop affordable and effective tools to empower each one who provides care every day.

In the domain of Special Needs and Pediatric Behavioral Health these are, for example, the parents of kids on the Autism Spectrum, and many others.

At Birdhouse Health Tech we are working on exactly that: empowering parents of kids on the spectrum to track what they know matters to their child. Birdhouse presents itself as a beautiful diary that comes with the option to make key information available in a structured format for longitudinal analysis, reporting, and parent-managed sharing. Parents initiate Birdhouse projects. They decide what to explore, track and remind themselves of. They have the option to invite others to view, to give feedback and to contribute their own observations. 

Our recent platform upgrade focuses on this team building aspect of Birdhouse. We made it more intuitive to invite others and to share a child’s information securely. Once a parent sets a child up, they can Share This Child with a collaborator to view or to contribute. The parent and the collaborator each have a number of options when it comes to data sharing. Each can change the default Private setting (no sharing of entries) to Read Only or Full Access in respect to each other member on a child’s team. While we accommodate this finely tuned sharing setup, we worked hard to make team building intuitive. Empowering parents with team sharing and coordination addresses one of the critical gaps in healthcare delivery.


Key points include:

  • Sharing observations and insights
  • Receiving input and feedback
  • Team-building tech


Read the full article, Special Needs Tech for Parent-initiated Team Collaboration, on LinkedIn.