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Ten Rules to Be a Happy Consulting Firm Leader


Ten Rules to Be a Happy Consulting Firm Leader

David A. Fields shares an article designed to make your day (and maybe your life) a little better with tips on how to be happier as a consulting firm leader.

“You don’t have to run a consulting firm, you know. You could return to a corporate role or enter an entirely different profession like law, accounting or dairy farming.

If you’re going to lead a consulting practice, consulting should make you happy. Just sayin’.

Most consultants I encounter seem to enjoy the profession. After all, it’s easy enough to leave if you don’t like it.

With a couple of small tweaks, running your consulting firm could provide daily doses of good cheer and could enable an (even more) fulfilling life.

I’m not saying every day will be unicorns, rainbows and cheese that magically lowers your cholesterol; but, an overall preponderance of smiles is a reasonable daily goal. Let’s go for that.


1. Create Long-Term Congruence

Align your consulting firm with your broader, long-term, personal goals.

2. Calibrate the Work to Your Preferences

Consider how work-related factors affect your happiness (e.g., amount of interaction, types of tasks, level of stability vs. growth, financial needs), then tune your workday to maximize those factors.

3. Embrace Growth

Instead of bemoaning the parts of the job you don’t like, embrace them as an opportunity to stretch yourself and grow.

4. Start and End Happy

Consulting is more likely to support your good cheer if you’re already in high spirits.

Create habits that help you start and end each day, week, quarter and year happy, like keeping a gratitude journal or reflecting on your progress.

5. Put Basic Engines in Place

Reduce the stress of attracting clients and producing outputs.

Key points include:

  • The benefit of generous behavior

  • Managing perceptions and expectations

  • Stepping outside of yourself

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