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Technology Innovation and Business Restructuring


Technology Innovation and Business Restructuring


Edgar Perez shares a video of a keynote speech he gave on how technology innovation drives business restructuring.

The unprecedented pace of innovation in technology hasn’t been driven by the many waves of business restructuring companies of all sizes have attempted every time a new management fad is in vogue. Innovation can be thought of as the neutron that can trigger organizational fission, breaking apart a sluggish organization and unleashing the previously dormant entrepreneurial energy. It involves rebuilding the organization in a fashion that makes each team act independently and each manager act like an entrepreneur with direct accountability and high-powered rewards for performance. Technology is an increasingly critical driver of business success in all companies. Only three companies have ever crossed the $2 trillion market capitalization frontier, namely Microsoft, Apple and Alphabet, Google’s parent. That these three companies are in technology highlights the significant impact this industry exerts on our present. Interestingly enough, this impact will grow even more disproportionate as today’s unicorns evolve into tomorrow’s giants.


Key points include:

  • Tools and trends
  • Knowledge innovation
  • Seeing opportunities


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